Why Salonist Software is Must Have for Spa and Hair Salon

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1 - Why Salonist Software is Must Have for Spa and Hair Salon
Why Salonist Software is Must Have for Spa and Hair Salon

If you want to grow your salon business and beat your competitors in the current market scenario. You need to get rid of the old school business methods and install one of the available salon software into your system. The softwares will help you manage salon-related activities on a regular basis besides offering multiple ways to enhance the overall business growth. Out of the variety of options available in the market, you can go with Salonist Software, one of the best platforms offering advanced salon management solutions, to streamline your business sales.

Features of Salonist Software

Salonist Software comes equipped with the following features list.

  • The platform appears with its own POS (Point of Sales) system.
  • Besides, there are other useful tools for multiple salon jobs such as appointment scheduling, finance management, inventory management, payroll management, and more.
  • The software further makes all your salon jobs seamlessly executable in a faster and better way. Thus, increasing the overall productivity of your business.
2 - Why Salonist Software is Must Have for Spa and Hair Salon

Benefits of having Salonist Software integrated with your business

Below are some of the advantages that make Salonist Software a must-have for your hair and spa salon.

Business Management

Salonist Software helps you simplify and streamline different business processes, which include managing your customers, staff scheduling, payments, inventory management, and more. An intuitive range of financial management tools, helps users perform account-related complex calculations with zero error.

Appointment Booking

One of the best features available within Salonist Software is, your clients can get themselves booked on their own. They can even place requests for preferable staff along with other services. Thus making the entire process a lot more effective besides saving an ample amount of time. It also increases customer satisfaction levels and results in better business growth.

SMS Campaign

Promotions and campaigns play an important role in the overall growth of an individual business. They not only ensure enhanced customer engagement rates but also reduces the chances of no-shows. Salonist Software with its exclusive SMS campaign feature, will help you send reminders, schedule promotional campaigns and enhance customer engagement rates. You can even get into conversations with individual customers, discovering what they want.

Staff Management

Owning a salon is not an easy job, staff management plays a vital part as well. Salonist Software with its compact management features, will let you schedule payroll accordingly, set commission-related charts along with theft monitoring. You can further track individual leaves and assign tasks accordingly.

Gift Cards

Gifts are always special, help your customers give their near and dear ones a chance to leverage the services offered by your salon. The software with its gift card feature will help you offer coupons and combos to your clients, which they can buy for their loved ones.


Offering personalized services will not only make your customers happy but will also let you grow as a brand. Salonist software with its advanced customer data tracking option will help you find out detailed information about individual clients in a few clicks. You can leverage the gathered data to offer personalized services and track pending payments as well.

Easy Payment Options

The software enables you to add secure payment gateways, making it easier for the customers to pay as per their convenience. You can also send in reminders regarding approaching booking dates, due payments and failed appointments.

Feedback Collection System

An advanced feedback system within Salonist Software, facilities accurate customer dealings besides enhanced decision making. This way, you not only get to make sure that the services being provided are top-rated but also take actions against disrespectful staff.


Salonist Software offers real-time integration with external accounting platforms like Xero and QuickBooks, making it easier for you to take care of the expenses and daily sales. You can also link the platform to Instagram, Facebook and MailChimp for accurate business campaign management.

3 - Why Salonist Software is Must Have for Spa and Hair Salon

Final Words

Managing any business needs a lot of effort and hard work to deal with. It gets quite hectic to streamline the entire process manually. In case you are a salon business owner, we understand the hardships you have to go through on a regular basis. Salonist Software with its rich set of tools and features will help you get going in the long run.

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