Top 3 Path of Exile Strongest League Starter Builds

by Admin iOnhax

In this comprehensive guide, we will unveil the hidden secrets of the most formidable builds, carefully crafted to not only help you progress through the game but also excel in both trading and softcore gameplay. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a fresh-faced exile, these builds will pave the way to success. From the classic Righteous Fire Juggernaut, offering unparalleled tankiness and solid mapping capabilities, to the lightning-fast and efficient Lightning Arrow Deadeye, perfect for that craving speed and efficiency, we have handpicked the finest builds to suit a variety of playstyles.

Top 3 Path of Exile Strongest League Starter Builds - Top 3 Path of Exile Strongest League Starter Builds
Top 3 Path of Exile Strongest League Starter Builds

1. Impending Doom Support Pathfinder:

This build focuses on a comfortable and effective poison-based mapping playstyle. With the recent return of the Balance of Terror unique POE currency, its damage potential has been further enhanced, compensating for any recent nerfs. While it may require a bit of understanding to get started, the guide provides thorough explanations of its mechanics. This build is an excellent option for players seeking success in both SSF (Solo Self-Found) and trade leagues.


  • Comfortable mapping and poison playstyle.
  • Strikes a good balance between damage and tankiness.
  • Improved with the return of the unique Jewel.
  • Benefits greatly from the Pathfinder flasks’ strong scaling.
  • Effective for both SSF and trade leagues.


  • Requires The Vixen’s Entrapment gloves.

2. Lightning Arrow Deadeye:

If you crave speed and efficiency, the Lightning Arrow Deadeye is an exceptional choice. This build excels in swift clearing capabilities and the ability to efficiently farm Poe Currency through mapping mechanics. It is considered a top-notch league starter. However, keep in mind that this build is relatively squishy due to its ranged nature.


  • Lightning-fast mapping speed.
  • Efficient campaign clearing.
  • Suitable for staying ahead in the game.
  • Evade attacks and suppress spells.
  • Great for farming mapping mechanics.


  • Vulnerable to one-shot kills due to its squishiness.

3. Righteous Fire Juggernaut:

Let’s kick off the list with the classic Righteous Fire Juggernaut. This build excels in mapping and offers solid tankiness for both bosses and mobs. While its bossing damage may not be the highest, it is a great option for new players due to its mechanics and survivability.


  • Extensive information available.
  • Suitable for softcore, SSF, and even hardcore leagues.
  • Great for learning mechanics.
  • Solid mapping and bossing capabilities.


  • Lower bossing damage due to its tanky setup.
  • Can face-tank many mechanics.

Choose wisely, brave exiles, and may fortune favor the bold as you forge your own legend in the world of Path of Exile! 

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