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Kickass Torrents

About Kickass Torrents Proxy

Created in 2008, KickassTorrents was a site that gave a catalog to torrent data and magnet links to facilitate peer-to-peer data sharing utilizing the BitTorrent protocol. It turned into the most visited BitTorrent index on the world, overwhelming The Pirate Bay, as indicated by the site’s Alexa ranking. KickassTorrents went offline on 20 July 2016 when the U.S. government seized the domain. The site’s proxy servers were discontinued by its staff simultaneously.

In December 2016, previous KAT staff individuals restored the KAT people group by making a site with its predecessor’s UI and appearance. KickassTorrents says that it conforms to the DMCA and it evacuates infringing torrents detailed by content content owners.

Alternative to Kickass Torrents

Looking for torrent sites online can without much of a stretch push you into difficulty. That is on the grounds that P2P sites are enormously well known, which is the motivation behind why malevolent on-screen characters regularly use them to spread malware. Subsequently, you should be cautious about the sites that you visit, and you need a dependable manual for give you on-point suggestions.

Without further ado, here are few Kickass Torrents alternatives by onhax.

  1. Before KickassTorrents came to fame, people used The Pirate Bay. Presently, latter site has been around for whatever length of time that torrents have been on the Internet. What’s more, the way that The Pirate Bay got away from the awfulness times that KickassTorrents went through, causes us to accept that it will make due for quite a while to come. Its organizers have even been to prison however by one way or another site has endured the abhorrence.
  2. We will continue our list of the Kickass Torrents alternatives with another torrent Kickass search engine. Known as ‘’, this is one of the utmost composed sites of its sort. Directly on the home page, you will witness a visual portrayal of slanting torrents, to enable you know about this current site’s full library.
  3. When the first KAT vanished from the Web, various fascinating clones showed up inside merely days. We cannot state that we were shocked by this improvement since site owners needed to exploit the removal of the first KAT. With this stated, was the first to show up – it’s as yet perfectly healthy.
  4. Next on our list is, another exceptionally fascinating KickassTorrents clone. This one didn’t attempt to change things or locate its own specific manner – it basically replicated the whole KAT site and proceeded in similar impressions. Subsequently, in case you’re searching for an indistinguishable substitution for KickassTorrents, this one ought to be your choice.
  5. The next pick in our list managing KickassTorrents clones is This site is a genuine case of how tweaking the first KAT’s interface can go far. Despite the fact that it completely regards the first visual plan, it additionally accompanies convenient data allowing you to settle on which torrent documents to download.

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