How To Improve The Covenant Team In World of Warcraft Shadowlands

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How To Improve The Covenant Team In World of Warcraft Shadowlands

The Shadowlands expansion has come to World of Warcraft with a lot of changes that have significantly improved the game experience and have been acclaimed by the majority of players who continue to enjoy this mythical MMORPG originally released in 2004.

One of those changes has been the covenant missions, as these can now be updated and leveled up to match the chapter of the story you are playing in Shadowlands.

This is something that can help you progress a lot, especially if you don’t have a lot of gold or time to go in long raids. Of course, if you need money you can always buy wow gold online with real money at goldpiles, an option that you should not rule out if you want to quickly improve your character.

Upgrade the covenant team in WoW Shadowlands

If you want to improve the equipment of the covenant you have to complete the different lines of missions of each week to receive the pieces of equipment of that every as a reward. It’s not too complicated.

However, the secret to do all the missions is to talk to different NPCs to activate them, because if you don’t find them you won’t be able to complete them.

You have to search for an NPC within the covenant shrines in order to upgrade your team with a better one. Typically all of them are close to the vendor that sells backup equipment so it shouldn’t be that difficult to find them.

Also, if you don’t want to waste time going through all the shrines, you can also go talk to the NPC in Oribos to start.

Here we leave you the list of NPCs and the sanctuaries where you can find them:

  • Forgehand Phillo (Kyrian)
  • Goreguts (Necrolord)
  • Craftmaster Lamda (Night Fae)
  • Guy Yearmo (Venthyr)
  • Aggressor Zo’dash (Oribos)

After talking to the NPC, you just need to right-click on the piece of gear you want to upgrade in the bag slot. In this way, the game will take into account your statistics and your progress to update your points depending on the amount of anima you have.

Here we leave the range of improvement, the level of the objects and the amount of anima that the pieces require:

  • ilvl 164 (Rank 2 of 7) | Chapter 4 | 50 anima
  • ilvl 171 (Rank 3 of 7) | Chapter 5 | 100 anima
  • ilvl 177 (Rank 4 of 7) | Chapter 6 | 150 anima
  • ilvl 184 (Rank 5 of 7) | Chapter 7 | 200 anima
  • ilvl 190 (Rank 6 of 7) | Chapter 8 | 250 anima
  • ilvl 197 (Rank 7 of 7) | Chapter 9 | 300 anima

If you met all the requirements, you will now be able to have a better armor in World of Warcraft Shadowlands and go deep into the different dungeons of Torghast or go for a complicated raid with your friends. It’s your choice.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands is now available worldwide on Microsoft Windows PC and Mac OS.

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