How to Buy a Used Car Right from Your Sofa: Expert Tips from Indy Auto Man dealership

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How to Buy a Used Car Right from Your Sofa - How to Buy a Used Car Right from Your Sofa: Expert Tips from Indy Auto Man dealership
How to Buy a Used Car Right from Your Sofa

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the used car market has grown by one and a half, and models released up to five years ago have risen in price by an average of 10-20%. For a long time, this market required a personal presence – buying a car from a private person was risky, and finding information about the car’s condition was difficult. But, following the rise in demand, the conservative used car market began to digitalize.

How to Choose a Car Online

When buying a used car online, you can still get a wealth of information from its ad. 


Photos are the primary source of information. Look for live photos of the car (on the street, in a garage, at the dealership, etc.). The car should be presented from different angles, showing both the exterior and interior. 

  • If the car is shown from one side only, the seller may try to hide the damage or repaint body parts in different shades.
  • Body defects and serious tuning are the first signs of a car being involved in an accident or repair due to a collision.
  • Sometimes the photos can reveal the high mileage signs: headlights that have turned yellow from time, lacquer peeling off the hood, worn steering wheel, etc. 


The mileage figures can also tell a lot about the vehicle. The average annual mileage in Indiana is 12,000 miles. The ceiling will be 35,000 miles per year and the minimal – 5,000 miles per year. The average car owner drives from 10 to 15 thousand miles per year. If you choose a 3 to a 5-year-old car, then ideally, its mileage should be 30-60 thousand miles. 

  • Values well above average mean that the vehicle has been overused, and most parts may be badly worn out.
  • If the mileage is much lower than average, this is a reason to doubt the odometer accuracy.


Compare the prices of one car with other models of the same class with the same level of equipment and the same year of production. If the cost differs significantly from the market average, then there may be some catch. It is quite possible that this car requires repair, has been in an accident, or is on the wanted list for theft. Although there are exceptions, they are rare.


When buying a car online, it is crucial to find a reliable seller. A private person is always a dark horse, while car dealerships value their reputation. They can provide specific information, like the car element paintwork quality, the suspension condition, or the brake and rotors state. 

  • Collect the list of questions and send it simultaneously to several dealers. Those who provide photos from the lot and detailed information are the best candidates for your purchase.

Online Car Shopping: How Does It Work?

Online car shopping is more suitable for those who have already decided on the brand and model and are not interested in a test drive. And while most buyers still doubt, whether it is possible to buy a car online and hesitate to make such an expensive bargain at a distance, some US dealerships have already implemented online sales. 

For example, at Indy Auto Man Indianapolis car dealership, the entire car buying process can be transferred online for buyers from Indiana. Their assortment of used cars is available online. The buyers can customize search parameters and sort the cars by price, mileage, year of production, and more. There are many cars at the Indy Auto Man car lot in Indianapolis, most of which are in great to excellent condition. The company offers a free CARFAX report, 7-days exchange, and 30-day price match guarantees for each car they sell. A customer can also get pre-approved for financing and opt for an online appraisal if a trade-in is required. The Indy Auto Man car dealership can even pick up the old vehicle and deliver the new one to the customer address within Indiana state.

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