How Difficult Is It To Roll Out Apps In Google Play, MS, And iOS?

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How Difficult Is It To Roll Out Apps In Google Play, MS, And iOS?

Once a mobile-based application is developed, it needs to be uploaded to some kind of a store like the Play Store or the App Store from where mobile users can download the app. Uploading the app to such a store could be very easy to cumbersome, depending upon where you are trying to upload it. Google, Apple, and Microsoft have their own set of demands, requirements, and guidelines when it comes to creating and uploading an app into their store.

The Google Experience

When you are trying to upload the app to the Google Play Store, you have to follow a fairly easy procedure. Google is an open-source platform and thus source codes are very easily available. Thus, it is comparatively easier to build an app for a google platform. Once the app has been created, it is very easy to upload it into the store. It is a very short and smooth procedure and will take you about 30 minutes. After the app has been updated you will have a waiting period of 3 days before the app becomes live. There were no incessant questions from Google or teasing of any manner that hinders the app publication.

Trying the Apple Platform

Once the app is up and about in Google it is time to take a step further. One of the major problems that any developer would face while designing apps for the iOS platform is that it is a closed-source platform. In simpler terms, the source code necessary to run any app on an iOS platform is not freely available. Thus, once an app has been developed, Xcode needs to be integrated into it for it to run on Apple devices.

The problem with dealing with such a platform is that you have to know exactly what you are doing. If you have no experience with Xcode, even the Xcode community would be of no help to you. Even if you successfully incorporate the Xcode into your app, when you try to upload it to the App Store by clicking on “Export”, you are sure to get a handful of error messages. It gets worse from here- the moment you have successfully fixed an error and hit the “Export” button you will get another error message. And this will keep going on without you understanding what went wrong. After spending considerable time, you are likely to hire a Mac expert who will charge you 70 EUR to get the job done in no time.

 A happy ending after all – or is it? Apple is quick to respond to any oncoming app launch requests. However, if you were designing an app for, say, sports teams, with their logos and all, Apple would ask you to give proof of consent from all the teams whose logos you have used. That means, if you are hosting 150 teams, you have to individually contact these 150 teams to get their approval for using their logos. The task is not only tedious but magnanimous too! A very bold move for you would be to remove all the logos whatsoever and have your app launched- after spending thousands of dollars on an app, it will feel good, though your app might end up looking poorly designed. For more information about the topic contact the webmaster.

The MS Game

MS costs more, takes an insanely long time to respond (2 months), would ask you to sign in using Hotmail or Outlook to have your app successfully published, and even after all of these may end up rejecting your app for no apparent reason. In short, going for MS is a poor choice and an extremely tedious one. However, on the bright side, most of the phones are not running on an MS platform nowadays and thus you can rejoice for the time being.

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