Appeal To Responsibility Is Not Enough

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Appeal To Responsibility Is Not Enough - Appeal To Responsibility Is Not Enough
Appeal To Responsibility Is Not Enough

It is realized that there are no stops to gambling and betting activities. It is an ongoing practice among humans that have existed for millennia and only attempts to make the experience safer and better could be undertaken. With regards to this, Spincastle had launched their campaign for Safer Gambling Week, 2021.

They chose three messages that were to be displayed on the English version of their website- “thank you for caring”, “It’s Safer gambling Week 2021”, and “Responsible players do not lose”. They used the orange color scheme of the Safer Gambling Week since it is bright and visible. They also put up the messages on top of their sites so that they could not go unnoticed.

Even after all the hassle that they went through, the messages had in total generated a click rate of about 1.99%. Individually, the first message got 2.29% and the third one got 2.49%. The message displaying “It’s Safer Gambling Week, 2021” was clicked on by only 1.99% of the users coming to the site. Spincastle commented that these click rates are higher than the ones they get for the educational content available on their site. He is the project lead of the Responsible Gambling Project in Spincastle.

He also said that the higher click rate could be assumed as a success and they would be driving much more energy into such campaigns in the future. They are even planning to run such campaigns attractively all year long based on the data they had collected in this run. The main problem with gamblers is that they are brash and do not cater to the educational content unless something has gone terribly amiss. Attempts would be made to enable changing of this brashness and create more responsible gamblers.

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