7 Cool Things which you can do in GB WhatsApp on your Phone?

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7 Cool Things which you can do in GB WhatsApp on your Phone - 7 Cool Things which you can do in GB WhatsApp on your Phone?


GB Whatsapp is an enhanced feature of normal WhatsApp which is developed by third-party. GB WhatsApp comes with a wide range of features that are not available on normal whatsapp. The developers of the app have integrated many features that the users are compelled to experience the application. GB Whatsapp enables you to Hide your status view, use the application in DND mode, mask your last seen, blue tick and double tick as well. There are many other amazing features that you can enjoy on your phone if you are using GB WhatsApp. Continue reading the article to explore more exciting features of GB WhatsApp. 


DND Mode

DND Mode is an amazing feature offered by GB WhatsApp. If you are using any app on your phone other than GB Whatsapp and you don’t want to get interrupted by its notifications. You can simply enable the DND mode in your GB Whatsapp. This way your quality time won’t be affected. You can enable the DND Mode in a few simple steps. Open the application and click on the WiFi icon (DND). After this you will receive a verification message, click on OK and enjoy the awesome feature. 

High Quality Images/Videos

In normal Whatsapp the quality of pictures is average. However if you send any image or video through GBWhatsapp you will examine that the quality of pictures and videos is more enhanced and are clearer as compared to normal Whatsapp.

Sharing Capacity

The sharing capacity on GB Whatsapp is also added. In normal Whatsapp you can only send 30 images though in GBWhatsapp you can send more than 30 images and videos as well. Approximately 90 images in one go. Along with this video clip of 50MB and audio clip of 100MB through GBWhatsapp. Isn’t it amazing?

Hide your Status View

GBWhatsapp enables you to hide your view from others’ status. Yes! You heard it right. If you have viewed the status of any of your contacts and you don’t want them to know about it. You can simply adjust the setting to enable the option.

Mask your Online Status

Sometimes a person is bothered by the whatsapp messages while engaged in something important. Sometimes you don’t want to reply to the messages instantly. GBWhatsapp brings you a stupefying feature of masking your online status. Open the application and go to the menu. Click on Hide Online status and enjoy exploring the astounding application. 

Increased Status Character 

Sometimes when you have to write something on status instead of uploading the image or video the word character is often less that your meaning is not conveyed properly. In regular whatsapp the length of status characters is only 139. However, in GBWhatsapp the length is added up to 255 words. 

Hide Blue ticks

The most bewildering feature of GBWhatsapp is masking the ticks of delivered messages. This feature is specially constructed for people who do not wish to get interrupted by the messages and are not in a mood to answer people immediately. At the same time you also want to read the messages sent by the person. You can simply enable the blue ticks from the privacy and settings option in the menu of the app. 

How to Download GB Whatsapp on your Phone?

With all of the features this make it exciting for any one to download on their phone. This is all very simple you can vist the GB WhatsApp official website and download the APK.

After you are done, install the APK file and check the unknown resources option now after installation signup like regular whatsapp and you are done.


GB Whatsapp will offer you the most amazing features. Ranging from security options to extended features. From modifying your online status, to masking your online identity. All is provided by the GBWhatsapp that is not available in regular Whatsapp. If you want to amuse yourself by using such stupendous features you should definitely get the app in your android phones without wasting any time.

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